The GENERAL OBJECTIVE of the project is:

Ensuring the right to quality education for all the children in the partner schools, including the disadvantaged ones, through an appealing curriculum and innovative strategies which merge together formal and non-formal methods, applied by well-trained, team-spirited teachers, in a non-discriminatory educational environment, which allows students to develop their social, civil, intercultural skills and encourages open-mindedness regarding European and international collaboration


O1–Introducing an integrated curricular approach in the partner schools, by using innovative strategies and non-formal methods and by training, in the context of the current European partnership, at least 47 teachers

O2–Developing students` critical thought and transversal capacities of analysis and synthesis by organising appealing learning programs

O3–Fighting against discrimination and segregation in all partner schools, by developing students` social, civil, technological and intercultural skills, through common activities during the partnership

O4–Facilitating the access to education of disadvantaged students by implementing appealing study programmes and activities, specially adapted to their needs

O5–Developing management and professional competences in all partner schools by implementing a European project